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Full text of "Descendants of Walter Haynes and Peter Noyes, of Sudbury, Mass."

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Reprinted from N. England Historical and Genealogical Register for Jan., 



The following facts were obtained for the greater part from a 
copy of an old manuscript, the original of which was written by 
John Haynes (b. 1684) describing the families of his great grand- 
parents Walter Haynes and Peter Noyes, who came to this country 
together and located in Sudbury. This was written later than 1772, 
since it gives that date, and was probably prepared when the writer 
of the original was nearly 90 years of age. The manuscript was 
found among the papers of his grandson Samuel Haynes (b. 1737) 
by the latter's grandson Wm. F. Haynes, and a copy was made by 
his cousin Clark Lewis Haynes (b. 1807) the grandfather of the 
present writer, Frederick Haynes Newell. 

Savage's Genealogical Dictionary gives many of the more impor- 
tant of these names and dates, and a comparison shows a remarkably 
close agreement in details. The old manuscript, however, gives 
much information of the fourth generation and children succeeding 
— facts not otherwise recorded so far as has been ascertained. For 
historical narrative concerning Walter Haynes, Peter Noyes and 
their sons, reference should be made to the History of Sudbury, 
Mass., by Alfred Serano Hudson, published by the town in 1889. 
1. Walter 1 Haynes was born in England in 1583, in the town of 
Sutton, Mancleville, county of Wilts.* He also owned a house and 
out-buildings in the village of Shaston, situated in the island of 
Purbeck, in the south-eastern portion of Dorsetshire. He, with 
family and servants, arrived in Boston in 1638, in ship Confidence 
(see Savage, also Register vol. ii. p. 108). In the same ship came 
Peter Noyes, yeoman, of Penton, county of Southampton, with 
children and servants. 

AV alter Haynes was a linen weaver, and was 55 years of age 
when he came to this country. About a year after his arrival, he 
with others removed from Watertown, having obtained a grant for 
a township named Sudbury, where they settled Dec. 22, 1639. He 
was made freeman 1640, was representative in the years 1641, 1644, 
1648 and 1651, and was one of the Selectmen of Sudbury for ten 
years. He died Feb. 14, 1665, aged 82. (See Whitman's History 
of the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company, 1842, p. 97.) 

* The will of widow Alice Haynes of Semley , Wilts., mother of Walter Haynes, is printed 
in the Register, vol. 39, pp. 263-4. — Editor. 

Nothing is known of his wife Elizabeth. They had children (date 
and order of birth not known) : 
i. Thomas, 2 d. single. 

3. ii. Joiin, b. 1621, in England; m. Dorithy, daughter of Peter Noyes. 

4. iii. Josiah, m. Elizabeth, daughter of Peter Noyes. 

iv. Suffrance, m. Josiah Treadaway of Water'town, and had children, 
v. Mary, m. Thomas Noyes ; no children. 

vi. , m. Roger Gourd and remained in England, inheriting the 

house of Shaston (probably the oldest of the children) . 

2. Peter 1 Notes came from England 1638, in the same ship with Wal- 

ter Haynes ; brought with him 3 sons and 3 daughters.* He was 
then 47 years of age. His children were : 
i. Thomas, 2 m. Mary, daughter of Walter Haynes ; no children. 

5. ii. Peter, m. ; had 6 children. 

iii. Josephus, d. in Barbadoes; no children. 

iv. Dorithy, was 12 years of age when she came to New England 1638 ; 

m. John Haynes. 
v. Elizabeth, m. (1) John Freeman, had one sou Joseph 3 and a daughter 

who married Thomas Gats ( ?) of Stow and had several children ; 

m. (2) Josiah Haynes. 

6. vi. Abigail, m. Thomas Plympton. 

3. John 2 Haynes ( Walter 1 ) b. 1621, in England; came to this country 

when 16 y. of age, one year before his father Walter Haynes (says 
the old manuscript), and lived at Watertown with Cusion (cousin?) 
Reed (or Rice) in the year 1637. He was freeman 1646, repre- 
sentative 1668. He m. Dorithy, daughter of Peter Noyes, born in 
England. His will is dated Oct. 1, 1692. Children: 

7. i. Elizabeth, 7 b. July 16, 1644 ; m. 1666, Henry Balcom. 

8. ii. Mary, b. 1647 ; m. Josiah Howe. 

9. iii. John, b. May 4, 1649; m. Ruth Ropar. 

iv. Dorithy, b. 1651 or 1652; m. Joseph Freeman of Sudbury; had two 
sons and a daughter, i. e., John aud Joseph each had children, aud 
Elizabeth m. but had no children. 

10. v. Peter, b. April 7, 1654 ; m." Elizabeth Reed (or Rice) of Marlboro', 
vi. Joseph, b. Sept. 7, 1656 : killed in youth by fall of a tree. 

vii. Thomas, b. 1658 ; died young of a fever : unmarried. 

11. viii. James, b. April, 1660; d. Oct. 15, 1732; m. Sarah Noyes. 

ix. Daniel, " a single man pressed and sent a soldier to the eastward, in 

the year 1687 returned back as far as Boston and so died in 1688." 
x. Rachel, m. John Lockard of Sudbury ; no children. 

12. xi. Ruth, m. Joseph Noyes of Sudbury. 

13. xii. David, b. May 4, 16*71 ; m. Tabithy Stone. 

4. Josiah 2 Haynes ( Walter 1 ) born in England; married Nov. 13, 1646, 

Elizabeth, daughter of Peter Noyes, widow of John Freeman. 

They had children : 
i. Josiah, 3 b. April 27, 1655 ; m. and had several children, 
ii. Caleb, " pressed aud so sent a soldier to the eastward, and there died 

1687 a single man." 
iii. Joshua, in. Ann Easterbrook ; had 3 sons all dying young, 
iv. Deborah, m. Jabez Brown; had children Sarah 4 and Josiah. 
V. Abigail, b. Nov. 30, 1655(?) ; m. Hopestill Brown ; had children : 1. 

Prudence; 4 2. Edmund; 3. Caleb; 4. Elizabeth; 5. Hopestill; 6. Sarah; 
7. Josiah ; 8. Abigail. 

5. Peter 2 Noyes (Peter 1 ), born iu England; brought over by his father 

Peter Noyes in ship Confidence, in 1638 ; had children: 

* See depositions by and relating to Peter Noyes and other matters in the Register, 
vol. 32, pp. 407-10. -Editor. 

i. Elizabeth, 3 m. Hammond of Watertown ; left no children. 

ii. Mary, m. Geo. Mountjoy : had (1) Mary*; (2) Josiah; (3) Hannah. 
iii. Dorothy, m. Samuel Parris; had children: 

(1) Dorithy Parris* m. Hopestill Brown; no children. 

(2) Noyes Parris, d. single. 

(3) Samuel Parris, m. Abigail Fish; several children; she and her 

children dying, he m. 2d another Abigail Fish and had several 

(4) Mary Parris, m. Peter Bent ; several children, sons and daughters. 
iv. Sarah, m. Thos. Frink; had children: 

(1) Sarah Frink* m. Bryant. 

(2) Abigail Frink, m. (another) Bryant. 

(3) Thomas Frink, had " collidge learning," m. Elizabeth "Wright, had 

several children, sons and daughters ; he was settled minister 
in Rutland, afterwards at Plymouth, third at "Rutland dis- 
v. Esther, m. Thos. Godfrey ; had sons and daughters, 
vi. Peter, went to England 1697; died of small pox in London, unmar- 
ried, left by will to town of Sudbury, for use of the poor, the mills 
in Sudbury called the " new mills." 

6. Thomas Plympton, m. Abigail 2 Noyes, daughter of Peter 1 Noyes, 

brought by him from England in 1638 ; had children : 
i. Elizabeth 3 Plympton, b. Dec. 23, 1658 ; m. May 31, 1683, John Locke 

of Woburn ; several children. (See Book of Lockes, p. 17.) 
ii. Thomas 3 Plympton, b. May, 1660; d. Aug. 1772, aged 63 years, " of 

the stone " ; unmarried, 
iii. Peter 3 Plympton, b. Feb. 1666; d. Aug. 14, 1743, aged 78 " of the 

stone " ; m. Abigail Thompson ; had children : 

(1) Abigail* Plympton, m. Elijah Smith; had sons and daughters. 

(2) Jane Plympton, m. Joseph Curtis ; several children. 

(3) TJiomas Plympton, b. 1723 ; m. Ruth Thomas : had sons and 

iv. Jane 3 Plympton, m. Joseph Darby of Stow ; no children, 
v. Abigail 3 Plympton, d. single. 

vi. Mary 3 Plympton, m. Matthew Stone of Sudbury ; no child, 
vii. Hannah 3 Plympton, m. Park ; no children. 

7. Henry Balcom, of Charlestown, m. 1666, Elizabeth 3 daughter of 

John 2 Haynes ( Walter 1 ). See Charlestown Records. 
i. John* Balcom, b. about 1669; d. single Aug. 28, 1743, aged 74. 
ii. Joseph Balcom, b. about 1672; m. Tabitha Newton of Marlboro; had 

sons and daughters. He d. Sept. 17, 1745, aged 73. 
iii. Elizabeth Balcom, m. Garshom Rice ; had sons and daughters. 

(See Rice Genealogy.) 

8. Josiah Howe, Marlboro', son of John Howe, m. May 18, 1671, Mary, 3 

daughter of John 2 Haynes ( Walter 1 ), b. 1647; had children: 
i. Mary 4 Howe, b. 1672 ; d. young, 
ii. Mary Howe again, 1674 ; d. young, 
iii. Josiah Howe, b. 1678 ; m. 1st Abigail Bigh; m. 2d Marrabla(?) ; 

had several children, 
iv. Daniel Howe, b. May 5, 1681 ; m. Cloyse ; several children, 
v. Dorithy Howe, m. John Prescott of Lancaster; several children, 
vi. Ruth Howe, b. 1684 : m. 1st, John Bowker of Marlboro', several 

children ; 2d, Cloyes of Framingham ; no children. 

9. John 3 Haynes {John, 2 Walter 1 ) of Sudbury, b. May 4, 1649 ; m. June, 

1683, Ruth, daughter of John Ropar of Charlestown. She was b. 
April, 1655. ("Two of her brothers, Ephraim and John, with two 

of Ephraim's were all killed by the Indians at Lancaster.") 

Children : 
14. i. John, 4 b. Aug. 14, 1684. 


ii. Kuth, b. Mar. 4, 1686 ; m. Nov. 1732, Joseph Goodnow ; no children. 

iii. Dorithy, b. March 29, 1687-8; cl. June 5, a. 20, single. 

iv. Deborah, b. July 30, 1690 ; m. Ebenezer Learnard of Oxford ; several 

v. Rachel, b. July 20, 1693 ; m. Jacob Holmes of Worcester : (1) Josiah 5 

Holmes, d. unmarried; (2) Mary Holmes, m. Ephraim Goodnow, 

no children, 
vi. Josiah, b. July 10, 1696; m. Persis Knight of Sudbury; children: 

(1) Elizabeth, 5 m. Augustus Moore of Sudbury; several children. 

(2) Hoses, b. July 4, 1725; drowned Aug. 4, 1739, a. 15, in Conant's 

mill pond in Concord. 

(3) Persis, m. Daniel Stone of Eramingham ; several children. 

10. Peter 3 Hatnes {John,' 1 Walter 1 ), b. in Sudbury, April 7, 1654; m. 

Jan. 2, 1677, Elizabeth Rice of Marlboro'; had children: 

i. , 4 d. young. 

ii. Elizabeth, m. Ebenezer Graves of Sudbury ; several children. 

iii. , daughter, cl. young. 

iv. Peter, b. June, 1685 ; m. Love Sherman of Sudbury ; several children, 
v. Joseph, b. 1687; m. 1st, Dinah King of Sudbury; and she and her 

children dying he m. 2d, Mary Gats of Stow; several children, 
vi. Mary, m. Hezekiah Rice (or Reid) of Framingham ; several children, 
vii. Sarah, m. Samuel Moore of Framingham ; several children, 
viii. Daniel, m. Lydia Rupel of Woburn ; sons and daughters.* 
ix. Esther, m. Gashon Reid (or Rice) of Worcester; several children. 
x. Phineas, b. about 1700; unmarried; drowned June, 1772, a. 72. 

11. James 3 Hatnes {John, 2 Walter 1 ), born April, 1660; died Oct. 15, 

1732, aged 72; married Sarah Noyes ; had children: 
i. James, m. Susanna Woodward; had one child; she dying he m. (2) 

Mary Ragg; had two sons, 
ii. Sarah, m. Daniel Noyes ; several children, 
iii. Abraham, d. "withfltts"; unmarried, 
iv. Rebecca, m. Samuel Willis of Sudbury ; d. in childbed ; no children. 

v. ? 

vi. Abijah, m. Elizabeth Smith; several sons and daughters. 

vii. Thankful, m. Jabez Puffer ; had : (1) James 5 Puffer, (2) Josiah Puffer. 

viii. Dorithy, m. Samuel Puffer; had one daughter aud several sons. 

12. Joseph Noyes of Sudbury, m. Ruth, 3 daughter of John 2 Haynes 

( Walter 1 ), had several children who died young, also: 
i. Daniel, m. 1st, Sarah Haynes, several children ; she dying he m. 2d, 

Sarah Gott ; several children, 
ii. Peter, b. May 22, 1700 ; deacon of church in Sudbury ; m. Elizabeth, 
daughter of John 3 Clapp (Nathaniel 2 , Nicholas 1 ). See Clapp Gen- 
ealogy, p. 210. She dying, he m. 2d, Keziah Fish, had one son 
named Peter, 
iii. Joseph, m. Elizabeth Gilbert; several children. 

13. Daniel 8 Haynes {John, 2 Walter 1 ), born in Sudbury May 4, 1671; 

m. Tabithy Stone of Framingham ; had several children all dying 
young, save daughter : 
i. Abigail, 4 m. Uriah Moore ; several children all dying save one son : 
(1) David 5 Moore, m. Hannah , aud had several children. 

14. John 4 Haynes (John? John 2 Walter 1 ), born in Sudbury Aug. 14, 

1684; m. 1st, June 28, 1710 or 1711, at age of 27, Anna Hubbard 
of Hadley (she being then 20 years of age). She had four children 
and died' Feb. 14, 1716. He m. 2d, July 2, 1725, Tabithy Cutler, 

* Daniel probably had son Jonas, grandson Daniel, great-grandson Walter, horn 1789, 
and living in Brimfield, Mass., at age of 102 (hi 1891). This latter had son Dauiel living at 
Brim field. 

i. John, 5 b. 1712 ; m. Mary Taylor of Southboro'. 
15. (1) Samuel,* b. in Sudbury 1737 ; m. Dolly Hammond of Sudbury. 

ii. Anna, m. Abner Cutler of Kutland (?) ; several children. 

iii. , died in infancy. 

iv. , " " " 

Children of 2d wife : 

v. Nahum, b. Aug. 24, 1726; d. Sept. 28, 1741, a. 16. 

vi. Tabatha, m. Elisha Harrington of Holding; several children. 

15. Samuel 6 Haynes {John, 6 John, 4 John, 3 John, 2 Walter 1 ), born in Sud- 

bury, 1737; m. Dolly Hammond of Sudbury; d. May 6, 1725. 
i. Polly, 7 b. 1764. 

ii. Susannah, b. 1765. ^ O^SD* - "^-* r— 

iii. " b. 1767; again. JL«uM. O^^O* 

iv. Benjamin, b. 1769. 

v. Edward, b. 1772 in Sudbury; m. Nancy Leeds of Dorchester. 
(1) Wm. F. s Haynes. 
16. vi. John, b. Jan. 29, 1774, at Sudbury; m. 1st, Susannah Smith; m. 2d, 
Lydia Jennison. 
vii. Daniel, b. 1776. 
viii. Martin, b. 1779. 
ix. Hannah, b. 1781. 

1 6. John 7 Haynes (Samuel, 5 John, 5 John, 4 John, 3 John, 2 Walter 1 ), born 

at Sudbury Jan. 29, 1774; died at Newton Jan. 25, 1859; lived at 
Sudbury, Roxbury and Newton ; m. 1st, Susanna Smith, who died 
Dec. 11, 1808; m. 2d, Lydia Jennison; d. April, 1846. No chil- 
dren by 2d wife. 

i. Sarah, b. Dec. 14, 1797, at Eoxbury; m. Eeuben Hunting. 

ii. Maria, b. Oct. 10, 1799 ; m. I. W. Gorton. 

iii. Susanna, b. May 7, 1801, at Medford; m. J. Davenport; shed. 1863. 

iv. John, b. Dec. 30, 1802; cl. 1868, unmarried. 

v. Salmon Hazleton, b. April 18, 1805 ; d. 1882, unmarried. 

vi. Clark Lewis, b. Oct. 28, 1807; d. June 2, 1891; m. April 14, 1SJ5, 
Ann Pierce. Children: (1) Annie Maria (Newell). (2) Susan 
Francis. (3) Frederick. (4) Elizabeth Clapp. 

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